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Welcome to, your one-stop center
for career and life skills resources.

About Us

Development Concepts Incorporated, which trades as Impact Publications, is a Virginia-based publishing, training, and consulting firm. Founded in 1982 by Ron Krannich, Ph.D., with a goal of producing quality career resources, today we publish over 100 books on a variety of career, business, and travel subjects. We also distribute hundreds of related books, videos, and software.

Our career and business titles deal with major employment and communication skills, issues, and audiences - assessing skills, networking, writing resumes, negotiating salary, giving presentations, recruiting on the Internet, and assisting military personnel and spouses, career changers, young people, students, executives, women, minorities, people with disabilities and learning disorders, ex-offenders, and others interested in business, government, nonprofit, and international jobs or careers.

Representing over 30 authors, our books constitute one of the most important bodies of work defining today's career field. Several of our titles are widely used in college and university courses and in corporate and government career transition programs. We are especially noted for publishing several popular career series: Haldane's Best, Cool Careers for Girls, CareerSavvy, Dynamite Job Search Skills, Military Transition, Executive Coaching, and Click and Easy.

Impact Publications is more than a traditional book publisher. We help shape and direct today's dynamic career field. Representing more than 100 publishers and producers, we distribute over 5,000 career products through our catalogs and online bookstore. As one of the premier publishers and distributors of career and employment resources, we are the supermarket for books, DVDs, audios, software, training programs, subscriptions, and other related products dealing with employment, jobs, and careers. Individuals and professionals - from elementary schools to colleges and from HR professionals and the military to libraries and prisons - rely on us for identifying resource trends and for offering innovative career products to assist their audiences.

In 1987 Impact Publications inaugurated a second major specialty line which has now become the innovative Impact Guides travel series (The Treasures and Pleasures of . . . Best of the Best), which focuses on quality shopping and traveling around the world. The series includes the Caribbean, Hong Kong, China, India, Australia, Thailand and Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, Singapore and Bali, Rio and Sao Paulo, Italy, France, Egypt, Mexico, Turkey, and Vietnam and Cambodia. In addition, we publish several companion volumes to assist travelers with many aspects of travel, from health and safety to travel planning on the Internet.

Impact Publications also operates two other websites:

For more information on Impact Publications, please contact us.

This innovative website gathers together in one location a cornucopia of resources for ex-offenders, persons currently incarcerated, corrections administration and personnel, and families, friends, and employers of ex-offenders. It covers such topics as how to search for a job, finding housing, re-establishing family relationships, dealing with substance abuse and addiction, corrections personnel career development, and much more. Don't miss exploring the materials provided by this site, which also includes a vast number of links to organizations, associations, job search websites, and countless other resources.

This website is currently being redesigned to better meet the needs of members of the military, veterans, spouses, and families. Impact Publications has long been committed to providing career development and transition assistance to military personnel. Indeed, each year we publish and distribute 260,000 copies of our three military career transition books, which are given to everyone leaving the military: From Army Green to Corporate Gray, From Navy Blue to Corporate Gray, and from Air Force Blue to Corporate Gray.

We also publish other military-related books, such as Military Resumes and Cover Letters, Jobs and the Military Spouse, Becoming a Better Leader and Getting Promoted in Today's Army, and The Complete Guide to the NCO-ER.

Through our affiliate military transition website,, we assist thousands of veterans each year in finding jobs via the Internet and at job fairs. assists people on active duty and veterans in managing their careers by offering expert advice on finding jobs and advancing careers.

Website Changes and Updates

While we try to ensure, to the best of our ability the accuracy of the information and content on our websites, we are not responsible for changes on the national or international front that could affect the content of our websites. Changes can take place instantaneously, without warning and without our knowledge. The users of our websites need to make their own determination about the accuracy of the material we offer. We urge them to inform us of any inaccuracy they encounter, in order that we may make modifications.

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