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The four articles about personal finances, written for members of the military and their families, are from The Military Spouse's Map Through the Maze Pocket Guide, which can be purchased on our related website, www.impactpublications.com. Future articles about personal finances will be from different sources.

Begin by learning about the "military money maze," and then move on to estimating your income as a servicemember or a military spouse. The current (at the time of posting on the Internet) tax situation and strategies are also given, which will be very helpful to military families.

A form is provided to help you deal with various insurance companies/policies as your family moves from base to base.

Also at your fingertips in this section of the website are websites that convert currency and provide information on banks, banking, and credit reports. Links to finance-related flyers available free on our related website, www.impactpublications.com, are also provided (scroll down to "Military" on that page).

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