Explore the numerous articles we offer on transitioning from the military to a new career in the civilian sector. These articles are based on The Military to Civilian Transition Pocket Guide that can be purchased on our related website, www.impactpublications.com.

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You will learn about available military-to-civilian transition services, how to translate your military experience, job titles, and education into language that will be understood by managers in the civilian workplace.

You will be able to test your job search skills and get a sense of how well equipped you are to embark on a military-to-civilian job hunt. One article reveals 10 consecutive steps you should take in your job search. A questionnaire lets you get a good picture of your attitude in the workplace, so that you can make changes where necessary.

Skills you acquired in your military career and in other aspects of your life may be transferable to a new job or career in the civilian sector. One article lets you identify these, which will help you build a winning resume.

Abilities and skills that most motivate you on the job can be identified in another article. This information will be useful to you also, as you search for your next job.

Several articles address the importance of writing a great resume that will be noticed by hiring managers. In particular, you will learn what mistakes to avoid making as you develop your resume.

Other articles address how to: use the Internet without wasting time, make military job fairs work for you, get a federal job, network in your job search and for career success, and start your own business.

The all-important job interview is thoroughly covered in a number of articles. You will learn what mistakes to avoid in your job interviews, how to handle "red flag" questions, how to respond to key questions, and what types of questions you can ask the interviewer. You will also be able to close the interview with finesse, how to follow up afterward, and salary negotiation mistakes to avoid.

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