Here's the ultimate military-to-civilian transition and life skills catalog. Its 16 pages are jam-packed with 521 key resources – pocket guides, books, DVDs, and special value kits – relevant to today's military and veteran families. Click here to go directly to the catalog, or read about it below first.

This unique catalog covers such critical subjects as employment, spouses, families and parenting skills, mental health, relationships, benefits, personal finances, government and security jobs, entrepreneurship, and education. It features several new and forthcoming books, DVDs, and kits such as The Military-to-Civilian Transition Guide, The Quick Military Transition Guide, The Military Spouse’s Employment Guide, 1001 Things to Love About Military Life, The Effective Military Family Kit, and Transitioning Warriors and Spouses At Risk Kit.

The catalog includes 11 major resource sections:

  • Military-Friendly Pocket Guide (page 1)
  • Military-to-Civilian Transition (page 3)
  • Military Spouses in Transition (page 5)
  • Jobs and Financial Security Kits (page 7)
  • The Effective Military Family Kit (page 8)
  • Warriors Coming Home (page 9)
  • New Employment DVDs (page 11)
  • New Books (page 12)
  • Special Value Kits and Series (page 13)
  • Raising Smarter Kids! (page 14)
  • 17 Sole-Source and Budget-Sweeping Kits (page 16)