Each year every transitioning member of the various military services receives a free copy of The Military to Civilian Transition Guide,
a 192-page book jam-packed with career transition advice as well as employment-related ads from military-friendly employers.

Military Transition to Civilian SuccessIf you did not receive a copy, or you left the
service prior to the distribution of this book (previous editions were titled From Army Green
to Corporate Gray, From Navy Blue to Corporate Gray
, and From Air Force Blue to Corporate Gray), please refer to our expanded (460 pages) commercial version of this book, Military Transition to Civilian Success. Click here to order this book.

The Military to Civilian Transition Pocket Guide You may also want to order the
pocket guide, The Military-to-Civilian Transition Pocket Guide, that goes with both books. It will become your constant companion as you go through the process of
separating from the military. Click here to order this book.



The Military to Civilian Transition Guide With more than 3 million copies in print, The Military-to-Civilian Transition Guide is the ultimate career transition guide for military personnel - Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. Now available at deeply discounted prices for volume purchases, this trusted
book has been used extensively by military transition programs and families for nearly a decade. Click here
to order this book!


For further information on our military transition resources, please click here to visit this section of our related website.