Explore the numerous articles that address the needs and concerns of military spouses. These articles are based on The Military Spouse's Map Through the Maze Pocket Guide and The Military Spouse's Employment Pocket Guide - both of which can be purchased on our related website, www.impactpublications.com.

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Military spouses who wonder about sustaining their relationship with their servicemember husbands or wives during deployment will appreciate the advice and tips given in articles on preparing for that separation and communicating with their servicemember during deployment.

Tips are given on reintegrating the absent servicemember into family life post-deployment.

Military etiquette and protocols, which can be daunting, are described and explained.

Education benefits and opportunities for spouses and families are explained in another article.

Military spouses have always faced unique career development challenges because of the military lifestyle. Articles from The Military Spouse's Employment Pocket Guide will be especially helpful to you.

You will discover where to get employment assistance, what the barriers to employment are, and how to surmount them. You'll learn where the military spouse-friendly employers are, about community-based networks, how to research and contact employers local to where you are living, and how to find a federal job.

There are forms you can fill out - and have handy - about your education, training, work history, experience, and references.

One article reveals 10 consecutive steps you should take in your job search. Skills you have acquired up to this point in your life may be transferable to a new job or career. One article lets you identify these transferable skills, which will then help you build a winning resume.

Abilities and skills that most motivate you on the job can be identified in another article. This information will be useful to you also, as you develop your resume and search for your next job.

Several articles address the importance of writing a great resume that will be noticed by hiring managers. In particular, you will learn what mistakes to avoid making as you develop your resume.

Other articles address how to: use the Internet without wasting time and network in your job search and for career success.

The all-important job interview is thoroughly covered in a number of articles. You will learn what mistakes to avoid in your job interviews, how to handle "red flag" questions, how to respond to key questions, and what types of questions you can ask the interviewer. You will also be able to close the interview with finesse, how to follow up afterward, and salary negotiation mistakes to avoid.

And much more. Enjoy exploring the articles here!