Disclosing Your Disability in Job Interviews

Since people with disabilities have unique career issues, we have created this special page containing links to articles that address their concerns. We hope you will find the articles informative and return to this page to check for additional items of interest, which we hope to add. The sources of these articles have kindly given us permission to include them on our website.

The Art of Disclosing Your Disability, by Richard Pimental, Milt Wright & Associates (November 2007). This is a question-and-answer guide for job applicants who are dealing with disability-related issues in employment interviews.

Disclosure Decisions Guide: To Get the Job, Virginia Commonwealth University (no date). This fact sheet focuses on choosing HOW to disclose, deciding WHEN to disclose, and determining the NEED for disclosure.

For more career-related information of interest to those who have disabilities, explore these collections from our related online bookstore:

Also, check out the Job Accommodation Network website: http://askjan.org/indiv/index.htm. This site is packed with useful information for employers, and employees and job seekers with disabilities.