Questions You Can Ask the Employer During
Your Job Interview

As you prepare for the job interview, you should make a list of questions you want to ask the prospective employer. You need to ask questions to elicit information you need about the position and organization. Indeed, you want to know if the position is right for you.

For his or her part, the interviewer will be making judgments about your interests, qualifications, personality, and competence based on the number and types of questions you ask.

What types of questions are appropriate for you to ask? In general, questions relating to job duties, responsibilities, opportunities for training, and employee advancement within the company are suitable.

You should avoid asking self-centered questions, especially about salary and benefits. Remember, the prospective employer is interested in what benefit you would bring to the organization.

Below are some of the most common interview questions interviewees should ask. Use this list to generate additional questions you might ask.

  • What duties and responsibilities does this job entail?
  • Where does this position fit into the organization?
  • Is this a new position?
  • What are you looking for in a successful candidate?
  • When was the last person promoted?
  • Is this position vacant now? Why? For how long?
  • What is the best experience and background for this position?
  • What expectations do you have for this position long-term?
  • Whom would I report to? Tell me a little about these people.
  • What is the most difficult challenge the person will face in this position?
  • May I talk with present and previous employees about this job and organization?
  • What problems might I expect to encounter on this job?
  • Tell me about promotions and advancement with this company.
  • What are your expectations from the person hired for this job?

You can write down various questions you'd like to ask on index cards and carry the cards with you in a pocket, briefcase, or your purse.

SOURCE: Adapted from Caryl and Ron Krannich, Ph.D.s, Win the Interview, Win the Job (Manassas Park: Impact Publications), pages 93-94. Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.