Online Networking Resources

The Internet allows members of the military, their spouses and families, and veterans to network for information, advice, and job leads. You can use Internet service providers, mailing lists, news groups, bulletin boards, blogs, chat groups, social networking sites such as Facebook, and email to connect with other people and learn about opportunities such as employment.

Use the links in this article to get started on networking. The following list of sites include a wealth of information on the networking process:

Use these websites to locate long-lost friends, classmates,and others who might be helpful in your networking campaign:

Members of the military and veterans can use these sites for locating military personnel:

If you've lost contact with former classmates, try these websites for locating alumni groups:

Many women's groups organize networking opportunities among their members for career development purposes. Try the following organizations:

Those with an interest in business will find these three networking groups of interest because they sponsor special online and off-line networking events:

In addition, try these sites:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn (Note: this site tends to be used by more job seekers and recruiters than other networking sites.)
  • Ryze
  • Spoke


SOURCE: Includes material from I Want to Do Something Else, But I'm Not Sure What It Is (Impact Publications), pages 38-41. Copyright 2005. All rights reserved.