20 Tips on Completing a Job Application

The following tips should help you complete a job application to the expectations of employers and improve your chances of getting a job interview.

  1. Dress neatly.

  2. Get two copies of the application form.

  3. Read the instructions carefully and follow them completely.

  4. Use a black ink pen when writing.

  5. Answer each question.

  6. Try to write as neatly as possible.

  7. Be prepared to complete each section of the application.

  8. Include all previous employers.

  9. Try to explain your military occupation and skills in civilian terms.

  10. Appear educated, even if you lack formal credentials.

  11. Handle sensitive questions with tact.

  12. Avoid abbreviations.

  13. Avoid vague statements.

  14. Avoid revealing salary information.

  15. Include interests and hobbies relevant to the job.

  16. Include additional comments if appropriate.

  17. Remember to sign the application.

  18. Read and re-read your answers.

  19. Attach your resume to the application form.

  20. Be sure to follow up.

SOURCE: Adapted from Military Transition to Civilian Success (Impact Publications), pages 225-230. Copyright 2006. All rights reserved.