Focus Your Resume on Your Audience and Purpose

When deciding what to include in your resume, always remember these seven important guidelines for creating a dynamite resume:

  1. View your resume as your personal advertisement, one that should follow the principles of good advertising.

  2. Focus on the purpose of your resume - to get a job interview.

  3. Take the offensive by developing a resume that structures the reader's thinking around your objective, qualifications, strengths, and projections of future performance.

  4. Make your resume generate positive thinking rather than raise negative questions or confuse the reader.

  5. Create an employer-centered resume that focuses on the needs of your audience.

  6. Communicate clearly what it is you have done and then stress what you want to do and can do for the reader.

  7. Always be honest without being stupid. Stress your positives. Do not volunteer nor confess your negatives.

SOURCE: Adapted from Carl S. Savino, Major, USAR (Ret.), and Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D., Military-to-Civilian Resumes and Letters (Impact Publications, 2007), pages 31-32. All rights reserved.