Qualities of a Stand-Out Military Spouse


If you are married to someone in the military then the concept is far from unfamiliar. It takes a certain kind of courage to endure the hardships reserved for those who stand behind those who stand up for our country.

It takes courage of another variety to make your ever mobile career a successful one through the many PCS moves and general economic hardships.

On those days when time seems to stand still and you're certain it will never be five o'clock anywhere anytime soon, it can be helpful to remind yourself of those universal qualities that make you stand out from others in the pack, if only to be your greatest cheerleader.


You don't always love it, but you do your best. You give it your all even when you'd rather just watch the whole organization implode on itself and earn the irrevocable right to say "I told you so" to everyone else on any number of issues.


Maybe you learned it in kindergarten or through your volunteering experiences with the spouse's club. In any event, laboratory blood tests would be certain to reveal a significant level of play-doh running through your Gumby-like veins.

You can adjust fire on a moment's notice and have done so too many times to count already.


To the outside world, you would appear to have the market cornered on this trait. Inwardly, you know that it just isn't always the case.

Why risk destroying that carefully crafted illusion of the ever-so-impressed masses, however? Besides, Kansas is always just a couple of toe taps away...right, Toto?


If being a member of the greater defense community has given you nothing else, it surely must have given you a healthy sense of humor.

It's the only true anecdote to the genuine hardships and selfless sacrifices you have called routine for however long you have belonged to its elite club.


Call it the University of Whatever, but you are a club-card carrying student of that esteemed league of learners whether enrichment is found in a classroom, a tent, or online at three o'clock in the morning.

When you're not working the gray matter for a formal degree or for self-satisfaction, you are developing those marketable professional skills necessary to take your career to the next level.


Disney had it right all along. It's a small world, after all. And you, my friend, have experienced far more of it than your average United States citizen.

Your ability to effectively mix and mingle with those who speak a foreign language and share less than common viewpoints on varying world stage issues is a major plus for you.


Nobody is perfect, particularly those individuals who make mistakes and fail to admit the error of their ways. You don't fall into that camp.

You may occasionally miss the mark but you aren't afraid to own up to it and drive on. It's what leaders do.


Leaders also lead and you've had plenty of experience at doing just that

Make no mistake about it. Individuals having real leadership abilities coupled with practical experience are highly desired by companies across industries today.


Whether you are envisioning your career path itself or the future path of job you have chosen to call your own for the time being, you are a visionary with the talent for planning ahead.

Call it a gift or just plain common sense...either way, not everyone else has it.

There you have it. See how wonderful you are?


SOURCE: Adapted for VeteransWorld.com from a Stars and Stripes "JobTalk" column, originally published June 2008 and written by Janet Farley. All rights reserved.