Job Search Strategy: Grow Your Network

It's not what you know, but whom you know that counts.

"Whom you know" is your network. You need to constantly tend to it so it will grow and flourish. As it does, so will your potential opportunities for career success.

You can network with anyone.
Your spouse, friends, co-workers, babysitter.
Your neighbors, people you work out with at the gym, people you meet through your children's school.
Your banker, your dentist, your physician.

Anyone can have influence. That's the beauty of it.

Begin growing your network by making a list of everyone you know who might be able to help you in your job search.

Don't limit the list to people who are stationed at the same installation as you. As a member of the elite ID club card, you potentially have contacts all over the world. Think about all the places you have been stationed and all the people you have met along the way.

How about the people on your Christmas or holiday card list?

Whom to Include in Your Network

  • Spouse and his/her colleagues
  • Other family members
  • Current and former employers
  • Current and former co-workers
  • Friends
  • People at your church or place of worship
  • People you know through your community activities
  • Anyone you pay monthly bills to
  • Current or former teachers (your own or your kids')
  • Fellow professional organization members

SOURCE: Adapted from Janet I. Farley, The Military Spouse's Complete Guide to Career Success (Impact Publications), pages 20-21. Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.