Ranking Your Work Interests

A good place to start identifying your interests is by referring to and doing the exercises that are found in both The Guide to Occupational Exploration and The Enhanced Guide to Occupational Exploration, which can be found in your local library.

These books classify all jobs in the United States into 12 interest areas. Examine the following list of interest areas. In the first column, check those work areas that appeal to you. In the second column, rank-order those areas you checked in the first column; start with "1" to indicate the most interesting.

Yes/NoRankingInterest Area
______Artistic: An interest in creative expression of feelings or ideas
______Scientific: An interest in discovering, collecting, and analyzing information about the natural world, and in applying scientific research findings to problems in medicine, the life sciences, and the nature sciences
______Plants and animals: An nterest in working with plants and animals, usually outdoors
______Protective: An interest in using authority to protect people and property
______Mechanical: An interest in applying mechanical principles to practical situations by using machines or hand tools
______Industrial: An interest in repetitive, concrete, organized activities done in a factory setting
______Business detail: An interest in organized, clearly defined activities requiring accuracy and attention to details (office settings)
______Selling: An interest in bringing others to a particular point of view by personal persuasion, using sales and promotion techniques
______Accommodating: An interest in catering to the wishes and needs of others, usually on a one-to-one basis
______Humanitarian: An interest in helping others with their mental, spiritual, social, physical, or vocational needs
______Leading and influencing: An interest in leading and influencing others by using high-level verbal or numerical abilities
______Physical performing: An interest in physical activities performed before an audience

SOURCE: Adapted from I Want to Do Something Else, But I'm Not Sure What It Is (Impact Publications), page 90-91. Copyright 2005. All rights reserved.